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Now!IT provides IT services and consultancy for businesses of any size.

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My business wants to migrate to Office 365 or Google Apps for Business

Our Now!Sync software offers the ability to analyse your current network and determine the migration policy, migration time and In addition, Now!Sync provides synchronisation services between Office 365, Network fileshares and Google Apps. Synchronise between all services seamlessly.

My business wants a fully managed IT environment

Now!Support is our Managed IT service. It provides your business with the peace of mind that all your servers, desktops and associated equipment is fully covered by our support teams.

My business is a start-up and we want to reduce our capital expenditure

Now!Cloud reduces capital expenditure to near zero. We employ the latest virtualisation technologies to provide an infrastructure identical to the traditional office environment. We don’t make use of unnecessary and complicated VDI technology (that just inflates the price). A proper, traditional IT environment, for a fraction of the traditional cost.